Dyson &
Dyson Janzen Architects, Inc. has been providing exceptional architectural design services since 1992. Combined, Principal Architects Arthur Dyson, and Douglas Janzen have over three-quarters of a century of architectural practice and experience. The experience of the firm (previously DSJ Architects), its principal architects and staff is extensive. While the firm's focus is on schools, libraries, churches and various commercial projects, Dyson Janzen Architects, Inc. have vast experience with other project types as well including custom residential, affordable multi-family housing, governmental, military, medical, retail, financial institutions and offices.
Dyson Janzen Architects, Inc. provides an unparalleled range of talent, ability and experience. The enthusiasm of the principals and staff comes from the knowledge that our work makes a significant contribution to the mission of our clients and to the enjoyment of those who occupy the buildings we design.
Arthur Dyson
Douglas Janzen